Intertrans Prades

Quality, Experience, Speed!

We have delivered our products through an intelligent and efficient distribution for the last 20 years, providing specialized servicies to our customers. Our brand new refrigerated trucks, together with experienced drivers, make us the best choice to transport your goods.

We have refrigerated lorries equipped with the latest technology and a small refrigerated truck for smaller shipments. All our vehicles are geolocated in order to know all the time where the goods are, and so we can estimate the delivery time.

Our collection usually takes place in the Ebre Delta, Tarragona, Cambrils and Vilanova, and we deliver in Barcelona (Central Market) and Valencia.

We also provide specialized services to our customers. If you are interested in a specific trade route, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

We will take great care of your shipments!

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    Intertrans Prades. Your best choice.


    Our transport fleed is equipped with the latest cooling systems and GPS, to provide a safe shipment.

    The best professionals

    Our drivers are highly qualified for the convenient transportation of refrigerated goods within Europe.

    Always in time

    Our intelligent and efficient distribution allows us to deliver the goods always in time.

    Remember! We also have cold storage for your products